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......@@ -9,6 +9,11 @@ In December 2018 we moved into our [Hackerspace at the Kyburgstrasse 13](hackers
Two of the three rooms are located below ground and do not have any windows. To keep the air fresh and breathable, we have installed a venting system.
<img alt='Lötecke im Hackerspace des Chaostreff Bern' src='/images/hackerspace_01.jpg' />
<figcaption>Lötecke im Hackerspace des Chaostreff Bern</figcaption>
Also feeding into the venting system is the fume hood in our 'lab'. It transports the fumes from the soldering irons out of the space.
Also in the 'lab' is our 3D printer which is used rather enthusiastically.
......@@ -17,6 +22,11 @@ A lot of time has also gone into installing our network. There are now ample RJ4
In march we invited our members and friends for a party to officially open the hackerspace. Also present was the [Waffle Operation Center]( from the See-Base.
<img alt='3D Drucker mit Druckerzeugnissen' src='/images/hackerspace_03.jpg' />
<figcaption>3D Drucker mit Druckerzeugnissen</figcaption>
After the opening, we revived the weekly Chaostreff meet ups. Of course those now take place here in our Hackerspce.
There are numerous projects aimed at improving the space which are not listed above explicitly. But with all the tools in place, our members have started bringing their own projects as well.
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