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<strong>Please note!</strong> Our Hackerspace is not open. We will <a href="einweihung_kyburgstrasse_13_einladung.html">officially open the new space</a> on 2019-03-16.
The Chaostreff Bern has it's own Hackerspace. The space can be accessed used by all members of the Chaostreff at any time. We also use the space to host our [weekly meetings](treff.html).
## Location
<iframe width="425" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=";layer=mapnik&amp;marker=46.95634161396862%2C7.448330819606781" style="border: 1px solid black"></iframe><br/><small><a href=";mlon=7.44833#map=19/46.95634/7.44833">View Larger Map</a></small>
### Location and getting there
Adress: <address>Küburgstrasse 13, 3013 Bern, Schweiz</address>
You can easily reach the space by Bus, Bicycle or even by foot:
* Bus Line 20 (From Bern main station going in the direction of Wankdorf Bahnhof) to the station "Lorraine":
* 3 minutes travel
* From 'Lorraine' station it's another 4 minutes (280 meters) [on foot](
* On foot or with a bicycle it is about 1.1 Kilometer from Bern main station
* There are a number of bicycle stands right by our door
### Parking
We rent our own parking lot. It is located directly by our entrance. It can be used by our members and visitors. If are dependant on being able to use the parking lot, you are advised to check wether it is available beforehand.
## Entrance
All members of the Chaostreff Bern have access to the Hackerspace at any time.
During our weekly [meetings](treff.html), the room is open and visitors are welcome. If you are visiting for the first time, ask for a guided tour of the space.
## Visitors
If you want to come visit our Hackerspace, it is probably easiest to attend one of our [weekly meetings](treff.html). During our meetings, visitors are very much welcome.
Alternatively, you can visit one of our public events. These take place irregularly. Usually these are workshops or presentations. They do get announced on our [public mailing list]( ad well as on our website.
If you know someone who is a member of the Chaostreff Bern, you can ask them to show you the space. All members are allowed to bring third parties to the Hackerspace.
If you are visiting Bern and would like to visit us, but can not manage to visit any of our usual events, contact us directly. Just send an E-Mail to info \[at\] chaostreffbern \[dot\] ch. Chances are that someone will find the time to show you around.
## Verpflegung
Im Hackerspace selbst gibt es Getränkekühlschränke. Einen in der Küche (gleich beim Eingang) und einen im Hackcenter. Zum Bezahlen der Getränke steht auf oder neben dem Kühlschrank eine Kasse, Dasselbe gilt für die Preisliste, alternativ kannst du unser Prepaid Mate System nutzen. Bitte fülle die Kühlschränke bei Bedarf selber wieder auf.
Ebenfalls im Hackerspace gibt es eine Kiosk mit Selbstbedienung. Hier findest du diverse Snacks. Wie bei den Getränkekühlschränken auch, findest du beim Kiost eine Kasse und Preisliste.
Diverse Fast-Food-Restaurants können vom Hackerspace in unter 2 Minuten zu Fuss erreicht werden. [Kings Kebab](, das [Bistro Breitenrain]( ([Website]( und das [Royal Asian Food]( und
200 Meter vom Hackerspace entfernt liegt die [Migros Filliale Bern Lorraine]( Öffnungszeiten findst du auf der [Migros Website](
Den [nächsten Bankomat]( findest du bei der Postfiliale, die du zu Fuss in 2 Minuten erreichst.
## Ordnung und Sauberkeit
* Be excellent to each other.
* Clean up whenever you leave a work space. Put away the materials you used.
* Clean up any mess you have made
* For storing small projects and private material, you can rent a storage box
* If you bring large objects to the space, such as 3D printers or Laser Cutters, please label them with you nick and a way of contacting you
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