Commit 7dde8b9e authored by glow's avatar glow 🐻

Remove event that has already happened and event that isn't happening

parent 22cd66dd
......@@ -75,18 +75,6 @@
"url_de": "/de/treff.html",
"url_en": "/en/treff.html",
"location_url": "treff.html#gueterstrasse"
"start": "2018-01-25 19:00",
"duration": "3h",
"location": "TBD (wird noch bekannt gegeben)",
"summary_en": "The monthly round table of the Chaostreff Bern",
"summary_de": "Der monatliche Stammtisch des Chaostreff Bern",
"title_de": "Chaostreff Bern Stammtisch",
"title_en": "Chaostreff Bern round table",
"url_de": "/de/treff.html",
"url_en": "/en/treff.html"
......@@ -96,19 +84,6 @@
"name_en": "Special Events",
"events": [
"start": "2018-01-23 20:00",
"duration": "2h",
"location": "Güterstrasse 8",
"summary_en": "The general assembly of the Chaostreff Bern",
"summary_de": "Die ordentliche Generalversammlung des Chaostreff Bern",
"title_de": "Generalversammlung",
"title_en": "general assembly",
"url_de": "/de/gv18_announcement.html",
"url_en": "/en/gv18_announcement.html",
"location_url": "treff.html#gueterstrasse"
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