Commit 31006dbf authored by Niklaus Hofer's avatar Niklaus Hofer

events.json: Remove special event for the irregular general assembly

parent d6dcf555
......@@ -76,18 +76,6 @@
"name_de": "Spezielle Events",
"name_en": "Special Events",
"events": [
"start": "2019-06-04 19:30",
"duration": "2h",
"location": "Kyburgstrasse 13, 3013 Bern",
"summary_en": "The irregular general assembly starts at 19:30h",
"summary_de": "Die ausserordentliche Generalversammlung startet um 19:30 Uhr",
"title_de": "Ausserordentliche Generalversammlung",
"title_en": "Irregular general assembly",
"url_de": "/de/gv190604_announcement.html",
"url_en": "/en/gv190604_announcement.html",
"location_url": "hackerspace.html"
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