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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 0.19.4
    Release 0.19.4
    - Bumped Version and ensure compatibility with GNUnet 0.19.4
    - Fix probing for transferable zones
    - Added pip building and packaging in CI/CD with Tags
  • 0.17.6
    Release 0.17.6
    This tag releases and packages two years of work that has fundamentally
    changed how Ascension works. During this time GNUnet has had many
    breaking changes so an update was desperately needed.
    - Overhauled the testing system by switching to [Knot DNS](
    - Added testing and benchmarking zones
    - Added automatic building of pip and Debian packages from git Tags
    - Removed obsolete testing mechanisms
    - Switched from GNUnet CLI calls using subprocess to [GNUnet REST API]( Calls
    - Refactoring into manageable classes in ascension.util
    - Updated compatibility with GNUnet 0.17.x (with currently unreleased version)
    - Added support for TSIG Keyfiles for zone transfer ([compatibility with .ch and .li TLDs](
    - Removed an ungodly amount of leftover files from Debian Packaging
    - Added proper Logging and removed obsolete CLI arguments
  • 0.17.4